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Whois Management

You can easily and quickly change the whois information for your domain via your domain panel.

DNS Management

You can define your domain name server (dns) information online through your domain panel.

Name Server Management

You can provide the Name server creation and editing process online via the control Panel.

Whois Protection

You can quickly and easily hide whois information through your domain panel.

Domain Name Renovation

You can easily renew the domain name registration time via your control panel.

Domain Name Transfer

You can transfer your domain names to host with other hosts.

Domain Name Registration Prices

Extension Register Renew Transfer
.com 6311FCFA 6311FCFA 6311FCFA
.net 9119.01FCFA 9119.01FCFA 9119.01FCFA
.org 6325.04FCFA 9821.01FCFA 9821.01FCFA
.info 1755.01FCFA 18245.04FCFA 18245.04FCFA
.biz 10523.01FCFA 10523.01FCFA 10523.01FCFA
.co 20989.87FCFA 20989.87FCFA 20989.87FCFA
.in 4907FCFA 4907FCFA 4907FCFA
.site 694.98FCFA 18252.06FCFA 18252.06FCFA
.mobi 2021.77FCFA 18245.04FCFA 18245.04FCFA
.top 694.98FCFA 20358.06FCFA 20358.06FCFA
.name 7371.02FCFA 7371.02FCFA 7371.02FCFA
.host 73008.23FCFA 73008.23FCFA 73008.23FCFA
.pro 1755.01FCFA 18245.04FCFA 18245.04FCFA
.tv 20428.27FCFA 20428.27FCFA 20428.27FCFA
.club 8171.31FCFA 8171.31FCFA 8171.31FCFA
.de 5903.84FCFA 5903.84FCFA 5903.84FCFA
.us 8634.63FCFA 8634.63FCFA 8634.63FCFA
.ru 11863.84FCFA 11863.84FCFA 0FCFA
.es 8388.93FCFA 8388.93FCFA 0FCFA
.me 912.6FCFA 14033.02FCFA 14033.02FCFA
.bz 17199.05FCFA 17199.05FCFA 17199.05FCFA
.ca 10459.83FCFA 10459.83FCFA 10459.83FCFA
.cc 9196.23FCFA 9196.23FCFA 9196.23FCFA
.cn 18947.04FCFA 18947.04FCFA 18947.04FCFA
.la 22815.07FCFA 22815.07FCFA 22815.07FCFA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name (NDD in French, or DN in English), is an Internet domain identifier, which groups together a set of servers linked to the same IP address.

Why reserve your domain name?

The reservation of the domain name is a major step in the creation of a website. It allows to optimize the referencing of the site by the search engines; and is also the first way to communicate with the visitor, as well as a clear and effective way to start communicating about your website and its purpose.

How long does it take to activate my domain name registration order?

When you pay by credit card, your order is immediately confirmed, payments made by money transfer / EFT are confirmed by one of our staff.

What happens if I do not renew my domain name registration?

Enters the renewal and recovery period, respectively, after the date when the registration period for your domain name ends. In these periods, if you have no renewal / recovery for your domain, your right to the domain name will be lost and your domain name may be registered by someone else.